Check out the many testimonies from parents and others who have been impacted by the programs and people of Camp Hickory Hill!


This was our first year at Camp Hickory Hill. As a parent, here is what stood out to me:

• The references to Christ on the buildings and signs
• The luggage is taken to the cabin for us and loaded in our car when we leave!!
• The smiling and friendly staff that help you park, greet you at the doors, meet you at the cabins, etc.

They made us feel very welcome.


My daughter wants to study her Bible every night now!



 Thank you for making Daniel’s first experience at camp such a memorable and awesome week!! My son of few words has talked non-stop since we picked him up!! ☺



 Hickory Hill has a great mix of activities that really appeal to guys along with wonderful Bible teaching at the same time.  This is what makes Hickory Hill our son’s favorite place to be in the summer.



His attitude has changed towards us as parents and towards his siblings. He is really trying not to just react to things, but to have self-control in his actions.  This is exactly what we have been praying for and it is so exciting to see how God used what he learned at Camp Hickory Hill to do this.


I have to again say how very impressed I am with the camp. It means so very much to me to find a program that Mike really and truly enjoys - that has been a difficult task throughout the years - and which teaches and stresses such important values and lessons.



Our daughter’s week at camp proved to be heart-changing for her. Before she came, our daughter had reservations about camp. She really didn’t want to face the bugs, the shower house, the lack of privacy, the cobwebs, the hills, etc. We urged her to go – against her wishes – because other girls had signed up expecting our daughter to be there.

So she agreed to go. As we drove home together on Friday, our daughter said how glad she was that she went to camp. She wished she could stay another week. She spoke about the activities – especially the unexpected ones – and things her counselor had challenged them with. But she eagerly wanted to talk in private about her renewed spiritual commitment. She renewed her commitment to Jesus Christ and already displays the change in priority, attitude and action that show real heart change.